Your Hosts

Charlotte and Simon Hayward (a brother-sister team in case you were wondering) were both born and brought up in India. They are the fourth generation to live in and love India and have spent as much time as possible here. They will be delighted to suggest and help organise side trips and places to stay out of Goa to their guests who may be coming to India for the first time.

Charlotte Hayward.

Charlotte loves India and has traveled extensively in it, though there are still many places left to see. Goa’s cultural heritage makes it an amazing place to live and she looks forward to sharing her experience with you. She has lived and worked in Japan, Hong Kong and London, speaks Hindi usefully and is co-writing a book which she hopes to do more of.

Simon Hayward.

Simon was most recently Creative Director of a large advertising agency first in Bombay and then in Delhi. He has always wanted to do up an old house and turn it into a hotel. What else do advertising people do when they get to forty? Teach? He loves Goa and feels that India is home. He is a budding cook – especially in a kitchen where many willing hands make light work – and his lunch parties in Singapore, Hong Kong, Wellington and Bombay were invariably long and pleasurable.

John Gracias

John has been with us since the beginning. He is an excellent Consultant Goan Chef and would do more painting if he had time. He also plays the guitar. Most of the time though he is busy looking after our guests, the fifteen or so staff we have – and us. He commutes from Chinchinim, about 25 mins south of us.

Hannah and Charlie Hayward.

Hannah and Charlie were born in Hong Kong and bought up in New Zealand. Hannah is now at University at Melbourne and Charlie is at school in Hong Kong. They should be here for at least Christmas and Easter holidays.