Things to do

Assuming you do not want to just laze by the beach or pool, there are plenty of things to do. Here are some of them:-

Goa’s recorded history goes back to around 200AD but it was in the middle of the 16th century that it reached its zenith as the Rome of the East. There are consequently a vast number of wonderful old churches, temples, forts and mansions.

We’ll be happy to recommend local restaurants, bars, beach shacks and night clubs.

Golf – a good nine hole links course at the Inter-Continental, about an hour south of us., with good clubs for rent. Several pitch and putt courses.

Go-karting ten minutes away.

Shopping – excellent jewelers in particular who can clean or mend old jewelry and make new designs before delivering them to you at the house.

Fishing. In local rivers as well as the sea. Apparently deep sea fishing for the mighty Marlin is possible, though reports are still unconfirmed.

Scuba diving courses.

Backgammon, Chess, Liar Dice & cards.

A variety of board games.

Reading – books that are printed in India are very good value and if you give us a list of books you would like to buy, we will try to have them waiting for your arrival. We also have something of a library ourselves.

Bicycling. A guided tour of the old part of Panjim sounds interesting.

Various water sports.

Yoga Courses.

Ayurvedic treatments.

Complete health check at Appollo Hospital.

Dentistry & Tooth whitening.

Bird watching.

A National Park.

The floating Casino.

Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Billiards and Pool at local hotels and Boules chez nous.