Vivenda Dos Palhacos. Majorda, Goa.

As on May 1st 2019:

Room No/Name Monsoon High Season Festive Season
Konnager Rs 7,847 (Incl 18%GST)) Rs 15,107 (Incl 28%GST) Rs 18,094 (Incl 28% GST)
Alipur Rs 5,670 (Incl 18%GST) Rs 9,410 (Incl 18%GST) Rs 12,667 (Incl 28%GST)
Madras Rs 5,670 (Incl 18%GST) Rs 9,410 (Inc 18% GST) Rs12,667 (Incl 28% GST
Ballygunge Rs 5,039 (Incl 18%GST) Rs 8,227 (Incl 18% GST Rs10,784 (Incl 28% GST)
Ooty Rs 5,039 (Incl 18% GST) Rs 8,227 (Incl 18% GST) Rs10,784 (Incl 28% GST)
The Chummery Rs 6,584 (Incl 18% GST) Rs11,607 (Incl 28% GST) Rs 14,404 (Incl 28% GST)
Darjeeling Rs 6,584 (Incl 18% GST) Rs 11,607 (Incl 28%GST) Rs 14,404 (Incl 28% GST)
Chanpara Rs 5,039 (Incl 18%GST) Rs 8,227 (Incl 18% GST) Rs 10,784 (Incl 28% GST)
Whole House per day. Rs 47,472 (Incl 18%GST) Rs 81,820 (Incl 18% & 28% GST) Rs 1,04,588 (Incl 28% GST)
Whole House x 7 nights Rs 3,32,304 (Incl GST) Rs 5,72,741 (Incl GST) Rs 7,32,116 (Incl GST)

Prices include a ridiculous amount of Tax up to 28% and an excellent breakfast.

Prices are valid until further notice.

Spare beds are Rs 1,500 a night, including breakfast for anyone over the age of 14.

Vivenda dos Palhacos is extremely child friendly. Children 14 and below, can be included for Rs 100/- per year of age, a night for a very comfortable camp bed. Ie. A 4 year
old will cost Rs 400. Extra beds can be accommodated in Konnager, Madras, Chanpara, Darjeeling and The Chummery. A cot is available. Only immaculately behaved children, (like mine used to be when they were younger), will be welcome in the sitting and dining rooms.

Reservations will only be confirmed with a 50% deposit.

Monsoon rates are the same as our summer rates and last from 2nd May to 30th September.

The Festive Season is from December 20th to January 5th.

The High Season is from October 1st to December 19th. And from January 6th to May 1st.

Any reservations bridging the different rates will be worked out on a pro-rata basis.

Please remember Indian Visas, innoculations and especially Travel Insurance as the 50% deposit is not refundable.

That is the point of it.